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Mortar : Aim it during the Planning Phase, then manually fire it to blow up everyone in the target zone from a distance. Wayside Cross : It slowly burns any diabolic beasts around it. Wolf Traps : Automatically snap on any enemy that enters their radius. Wolves grand wolves are instantly killed; anything else (except will-o-the-wisps) takes some damage and is immobilized for a couple seconds.

Thus, you need to craft custom strategies for each wave. You can't place new traps between waves, either; what you set before the fighting starts is all you get. Combat is almost as methodical as the planning. Apr 5, 2013. The Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves wiki last edited by shodan2020. Sang-. Froid plays like the love child of Orcs Must Die! And Rainbow Six. It takes several seconds to reload your rifle, and melee attacks drain your Stamina meter, forcing you to catch your breath after several swings. This is where your Fear Factor comes into play: enemies will hesitate and circle you (instead of attacking) if they're scared of you. If you have the right skills, it also poisons them for light damage. Watchtowers Ziplines : Get from Point A to Point B extremely quickly; you can even snipe enemies from them.

Weapons, you have an axe for melee combat and a rifle for ranged combat. Both can be upgraded in town. Wading into packs of wolves to kill them personally isn't recommended, though: axe swings quickly drain your Stamina, and rifles have to be reloaded after each shot. De Sang Froid - French title; Cold Blood - German title; A Sangue Frio. Wikipedia: In Cold Blood (Information about In Cold Blood at Wikipedia).