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I expect both of those signees to be minimum salaried guys and not of much consequence. Ultimately, if I were running the Lakers, and based on whats written above, my strategy would likely be different than what I imagine will be the Lakers tack of chasing the big name, high priced guys. The approximate max salary slots for players like Jordan and Aldridge (seven to nine years of NBA service) will be 30 of the cap, which, based on current projections, should be around a 18.9 million first year salary.

Robin Lopez, tyson Chandler, greg Monroe, first of all, I would also include Ed Davis on this list (and, potentially, Jordan Hill though lower than Davis but well get to him another day. Fact of the matter is, when the Lakers dip their toes into the free agent waters, theyll likely use a combination of all different strategies to try and upgrade the team, putting out feelers to players at all levels to express interest in the hopes of getting commitments from as many players as possible who can affect the bottom line. This doesnt make him a bad player, but it does make him someone Id be wary of paying a salary staring above 15 million, even with a jump in the cap looming.

But, hes not really shown much beyond his scoring ability, isnt the defender he should be considering his physical tools, and just doesnt seem to do as many of the little things that help you win games.

And not just any big man, but one who can play Center for at least part of his minutes. Luckily for the Lakers, there are several players who fit this bill.