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DeFacto has managed to be the first brand that comes to mind when people talk about Mediterranean Fashion in Turkey. It has 190 stores around Turkey and it is now one of the 2 largest brands operating in apparel retailing. "http www. Dtd" Pierre Jean Jouve De Facto, avec De Facto. About us, deFacto was founded in 2003. Positioning its corporate identity as the leading brand of the Mediterranean Fashion in Turkey and world in the branding process, DeFacto exhibited its stance against jean with impressive advertising campaigns and managed to draw all the attention.

Giving importance to brand identity and making it strongly felt in the merchandizing field, DeFacto greets customers with stores designed in simple and cozy patterns in parallel to the Mediterranean concept. For now, DeFacto has one store in Kazakhstan. The company focuses on the Balkans, Turkic Republics, and the Middle East. Being an easily accessible brand with common selling points including concept stores, department stores, corner shops, and other exclusive boutique shops, DeFacto has been continuing its brand journey since 2003 with confident steps and an affordable price policy. Foreign markets are an important development point for DeFacto. DeFacto is a company with high potential for rapid growth and ability to effectively use the accumulation and quickly get results. At this point, the level of quality in DeFacto products, marketing strategy, and the power to produce compatible designs with the country thanks to the design office in Spain already. 22 sept. 2015. En cette Nuit Blanche, des artistes s accaparent des lieux insolites : dans les. La Mairie de Versailles a conçu un parcours nocturne pour cette Nuit Blanche, nous. Nuit blanche 2014 - Gohar Dashti, Iran, Untitled 2013.