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The Psychology Of Open Letters, From A Customer s And A Brand s

Use the steps 1 to 5 before you jump on the angry side of things to descend on the brand. The more time you spend before writing your open letter by trying to resolve things like sane, decent customers, the better you can relate your ordeal and win over people. There has been a spate of open letters recently. There was the much-shared open letteraddressed to Mr alexandre DE juniac, Chairman Chief Executive Officer, Air France-KLM, by Jay Shah. It has 1,000 comments and Jay has been responding to many. But, this comes with a few riders. Whatever the brand is doing has to be scalable. It cannot afford to go out of the way in satisfying customers in full public view, else everybody with that problem seek the same treatment. So, in that Twitter analogy, it says, Hey celebrity, look Im sharing your stuff! Remember me Im one of your biggest fans!. In the apartment example, it says, Hey son look at me shaming you in front of all our neighbors. At some point, there may be a lot of open letters out there that the impact of open letters in general may diminish. At that point, I assume people would start using paid options to help spread their word, instead of relying on well-written text or empathy-inducing experiences. This was on November 2, 2013 too. Thats 4 open letters in just 5 days! I dont remember seeing so many open letters in such a short span of time in India so far! This is perhaps the best possible scenario for scalable resolution, but works only when the brands processes are well established to deal with multiple levels of escalation. Fourth, most importantly, is to assess the groundswells extent.

Prior to that, we were doing that in message boards and discussion forums (in India, the best example is Team BHP, for automobiles). And before that, we had word-of-mouth anyway, which spread in limted ways, but spread it did!