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All for 44.95 Add to Basket New oil pan 102102, Timing cover 102197, valve covers 102256,102249 air flow meter 102489 and 2 bull horn 102284. The Best you can't buy anywhere else and all brand new. Unlike others: This  New pump kit has with everything you need to replace new hdw. Going back. All our pumps have a life warranty. Add to basket New pump kit 199.95 Add to basket Rebuilt pump kit  189.95 Life limited warranty. The leak proof gaskets The best you can buy. Thicker, oil tight and air tight. No more 30 year old thin vegetable fiber flat gasket material for other venders. Thick enough to seal any little differences in the metal facing of the valve covers for the oil and seal in the vacuum for the air flow meter. Parts Kits and more. New DeLorean fuel tank pump system. 10700KIT 249.95, add to Basket, not 420.00 like others. New hoses. New filter, sending unit not built in and modified like others for something else to go wrong. Master fuel kit. Call for information. We are the best and best price. See fuel page: New Sanden AC Compressor New Not 25 year NOS old stock like others. New  R134a W ith new accumulator, orifice and O Rings. New DeLorean Fuel sending unit. Life warranty. No electronic box to fail. #110555NEW Stainless Steel fuel sending unit. 99.95 Made in the USA. Not China or Mexico like others. Add to Basket, performance part restoration part. Delorean fuse box kit. New not original bad ones. 119.95 Add to Basket Top quality Bussman  fuses. 18 fuse replacement 3 extra.  5.95 Kit. That's.