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Curt Kreun News Feed See also External links References Project Vote Smart, "Curt Kreun's Biography accessed March 28, 2014 North Dakota Secretary of State, "2010 Primary Election results accessed May 13, 2014 North Dakota Secretary of State, "2010 General Election results accessed May 13, 2014 Follow the Money, "2010 campaign contributions accessed March 28, 2014 The Bismarck Tribune, "N.D. Policy issues voted upon included income tax cuts, pension reform, and government transparency. On spending legislation, the Council accorded a percentage score based on how much spending the legislator voted against. On policy legislation, scores range from the highest score (100) to the lowest (0). A higher score indicates that the legislator voted more in favor of the values supported by the Council.6 Kreun received a score of 45.78 on policy legislation and voted against 2.54 of state spending. Legislators were scored on their votes on key small business issues. Ndpc: North Dakota Legislative Review See also: North Dakota Policy Council: North Dakota Legislative Review The North Dakota Policy Council, a North Dakota-based nonprofit research organization which describes itself as "liberty-based published the North Dakota Legislative Review, a comprehensive report on how state legislators voted during the 2011 legislative. Each entity that publishes these reports uses different methodologies and definitions for the terms used. An overview for scorecards in all 50 states can be found on this page. To contribute to the list of North Dakota scorecards, email suggestions to.

House leader: Special session starts Nov. 7 accessed September 15, 2011 North Dakota Policy Council, "The North Dakota Legislative Review - 2011 accessed January 20, 2014 North Dakota Policy Council, "2011 North Dakota Legislative Review Rankings accessed January 26, 2014. Scorecards are meant to be used as a tool for voters to have a quick picture of whether their views align with a particular legislator's record. Because scorecards can be specific to particular issues or general to a states legislative term, each report should be considered on its own merits. Legislative scorecards are used to evaluate elected public officials based on voting record. Some scorecards are created by political advocacy groups with a focus on specific issues; others are developed by newspapers and are broad in scope.