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Interview Highlights, on De Niro's screen presence, he burrows deeper and deeper into a scene as he's playing it, and he does that most when the camera is on. He's tried to be on stage, and he hasn't been very good at it.

And then it became, what has he done? There's a lot to it. I think he worked very hard. Well into his 50s, and then he started having huge commercial success of the sort that other of his peers had enjoyed, only when he was in his late 50s, when he made Meet the Parents. De Niro is a kid of bohemian New York, who grew up with art and music and culture, and kind of had a yearning for the streets. So they had a kind of symbiosis. NEW york, originally created to help revitalize downtown Manhattan after 9/11, the Tribeca Film Festival has grown over the years in size and notoriety. FOX411 spoke with co-founders Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal about whats in store this year when the annual event kicks of April 15. Levy got no cooperation from De Niro but he tells NPR's Scott Simon that may have been a good thing. "He's always been so reticent with the press that it sort of demanded that I do research almost as if he was a historical figure, and not a living person.". But for younger filmgoers today, this screen acting legend may be most familiar as a daft, cranky father in the. Meet the Parents movies. Shawn Levy, former film critic of, the Oregonian, and author of bestsellers on the Rat Pack and Paul Newman, has written a thick new biography of Robert De Niro that follows him from the son of. Rosenthal said that this year there are a lot of risk-taking filmmakers that are sure to make for a great event. It's a lot of creative process and curiosity, and a lot of filmmakers producers who are trying their hand at directing and artists, visual artists, who are trying filmmaking and experimenting with new technologies. De Niro, a Life by, shawn Levy, hardcover, 600 pages purchase, more on this book: Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of all time period, no parenthesis or qualification, the kind of actor who creates icons like Travis Bickle, Jake LaMotta and James "Jimmy the Gent" Conway.