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After its relocation, Falk assembled an impressive team whose talents have blossomed within the Boca paradigm, enabling Falk to nourish his vision and grow beyond a chef to become a restaurateur. De nada " thanks!" "don't mention it " o "you're welcome fue una mentira de nada it was only a little lie ; tanto revuelo por un premio de nada! All that fuss over such a silly little prize! Nada de particular "what's new?" " nothing much " o " not a lot no creo que nada de eso te convenga I don't think that's what you want at all ; nada de eso! ( S. Cone ) not at all!; don't mention it!; por menos de nada for two pins 3 ( como coletilla ) pues nada, me voy well, I'm off then ; qué pas?

No los mencion para nada he never mentioned them at all ; te gusta? Para nada " do you like it?" " not at all " por nada por nada se echa a llorar she's always crying over nothing o for no reason at all llorar por nada por nada del mundo no me subira a un avin por nada. Ni nada or anything es raro que no haya llamado ni nada it's odd that she hasn't called or anything ; no quiere comer ni nada he won't even eat ; pues no es feo ni nada he's not ugly. Nadie ms que ella lo saba ocurri nada ms iniciado el partido it happened just after the beginning of the game ; estas flores aparecen nada ms terminado el invierno these flowers come out just after the winter o as soon as the winter is over ; nada ms que estoy muy cansado ( And ) ( México ) it's. Boca Restaurant Group is: Boca, chef-driven Eurocentric cuisine; Sotto, simple, honest Italian food with heart; and Nada, mood lifting, drool worthy Mexican inspired food drink.